Research and development

Kulturtanken must work with artists and performers, content producers, the higher education sector, institutions and organisations to achieve the tasks set out in our mandate. A priority area is fostering good communication within the arts community, and between it and schools and the education sector.

Research and development department:
The main tasks of Kulturtanken’s R&D department are to build up and share knowledge. This involves contributing to research into (and at) TCS, ensuring research is shared and discussed and making sure that it informs the development of TCS. The department is responsible for collaboration with the higher education sector, content producers and researchers, and for ensuring that the presentation of art to children and young people meets high quality standards.

The department’s own development section will implement pilot projects and provide a dynamic venue for cultural innovation, in collaboration with our operational unit Kunsttanken and people from the world of culture and wider society.

Areas of focus:
– artistic quality and presentation
– cooperation between art, culture and education
– management procedures and governance structures
– providing venues for sharing research and experiences
– nitiating pilots and development activities